Our Products

Quality medical, scientific products and services


Our provision of quality orthopaedic devices ensures that your muscoskeletal system receives the best support it needs so that you can focus on patient recovery from injury and disease. We offer solutions for all ages.


Recent advances in cancer screening have equipped healthcare providers with the necessary tools to combat different cancers at varying levels. Our product range includes innovative solutions that detect high-risk oncogenes such as HPV 17 & 18 (known for contributing to cervical cancer risk)


The nonsurgical examination of the digestive tract requires the use of safe tools and medical devices to ensure a safe and successful procedure. Our endoscopic surgery and anaesthesiology products ensure that patient safety remains the utmost priority.


We provide a comprehensive range of screening and diagnostic fibreoptic colonoscopes for the detection of colon abnormalities.


To ensure the safe diagnosis and examination of a woman’s system, our company has increased its product offering to ensure that gynaecologists are equipped with just the right tools for safe healthcare delivery.

Surgical dressings

The effective treatment of wounds is a necessary healthcare offering that prioritises sterile assistance in healing and pain management. We offer various types of sterile and non-sterile dressing materials such as cotton and gauze ensuring your recovery is prioritised.


The sterilisation equipment we provide covers a wide range of industrial and hospital needs to ensure a sterile environment is maintained as per need.

Rapid Tests

We offer a wide array of rapid tests (or Point-Of-Care Technology (POCT) from pregnancy, hepatitis, malaria, and many more. All quality proven and available as cassettes, strips and portable devices as per your need.

Hospital systems & equipment

Our innovative range of medical software solutions include operating room control panels, PACS PC systems, digital signage screens for healthcare providers computing and communication systems to ensure optimum processes for your healthcare needs. We also provide hospital equipment such as examination beds, bed screens, delivery trolleys, fetal dopplers, etc.

Laboratory instruments

Our company provides a wide range of pathology equipment in the following fields: Molecular Sciences, Microbiology & Immunology, Histopathology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Oncology & Coagulation.

Theatre & Surgical Equipment

Every surgical operation requires sterile equipment to assist in ensuring a safe and successful surgery. Our range of scalpels, scissors, forceps, sutures etc. are best suited for any surgical need.


We are passionate about treatment outcomes and have invested in providing the best medicines and innovative therapeutic solutions.

Renal & Dialysis

Our range of renal dialysis equipment (machines, accessories, and vascular access devices) is intended to assist in the provision of the best artificial kidney replacement therapy to correct and maintain homeostasis in patients.