Simple. Effective. Portable. Up to 100% Pure, Controllable Oxygen

It takes the benefits of an oxygen mask and it adds some of the components of non-invasive ventilation onto that simple oxygen mask and 'fills the gap' between the devices that we have available at the moment.

Dr Craig Parker, Lead doctor - Umoya Project

'Delivering Consistent High-Levels of Oxygen to Covid-19 Patients up to 15l/min. Helps keeps lungs from collapsing'

An authentic & necessary African Innovation created to save Covid-lives The OxERA™ (Oxygen – Efficient Respiratory Aid) is a proudly South African innovation developed by a group of innovators housed under the Umoya Project initially made in the height of the pandemic to help patients breathe better. We never had to think much about oxygen, until the pandemic. But going forward, oxygen availability shouldn’t be limited. OxERA™ is a game changer in the delivery of oxygen, and it doesn’t use as much oxygen as BiPAP, CPAP units, mechanical ventilation, invasive ventilation in the ICU. They all require a significant amount of oxygen to provide the same level of care as the OxERA™ Devices.

From Covid-19 to obstructive sleep apnea & even in conditions such as acute decompensated heart failure, The OxERA™ is designed to ensure that oxygen is delivered to your body when you need it most, at your convenience. And will keep your lungs from collapsing during expiration.

The Technical Details

OxERA™ devices utilise an adjustable PEEP (Positive End Expiration Pressure) which assists in preventing the collapse of your alveoli (small air sacs in your lungs), helping you breath better by taking away all the heavy breathing you’d need to keep the alveoli from collapsing. Backed by extensive studies and SAPHRA approved, it’s been proven to be quite oxygen-efficient and patient-friendly and a fraction of the conventional cost per ml of oxygen.

The innovation is housed in a portable ensemble containing the PEEP, a snug-fitting mask, anti-asphyxiation valve, an accumulator bag (which reduces feed oxygen wastage by 66% compared to CPAP units and high flow nasal canulae) and a tube that connects directly to an oxygen source.

It’s safe to use in homes, ambulances and hospitals. Order your OxERA™ today.