The Clean Air Revolution

Airocide is at the forefront of personal and industrial air purification technology.

We create technology to generate clean air without dangerous emissions. This protects families, employees, products, customers, and you from harmful airborne pathogens and particulates.

NASA-developed Technology.

  • PCO was created for use on the space station to control VOCs produced by live plants.
  • It eliminated ethylene, which speeds up spoilage in sealed environments.
  • PCO was also found to eliminate a wide variety of dangerous organic particles, so Airocide adapted the technology into powerful air purifiers here on Earth.
  • Class-II FDA and SAHPRA Listed Medical Device.

  • All Airocide units are approved by the FDA as Class-II Listed Medical Devices.
  • Airocide is suitable for use in medical facilities, healthcare, and critical care environments.
  • Products and Technology


    Airocide produces next-generation air purification technology for every space imaginable.


    Every unit uses photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO technology.


    Air is circulated over a catalyst bed, which is activated by proprietary PCO lamps..


    Hydroxyl radicals are released, destroying viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and odor-causing VOCs.


    Some Airocide products provide additional two-stage particulate filtration to eliminate even smoke, dander, and dust from the air.